Color Picker Strange Behaviour


I've noticed some strange and unwanted behaviour with the color picker with Paradigm LightDesigner

First I turn on the group "Salivalot" (Group toggle) and go to the faders popup (Pics 1 & 2)

Everything's ok so far, BUT when I click on the color picker (Group color) and click a color then the intensities for the RGBW-fixtures changes to some random level. In Pic 3 they've changed to 56%, but usually they drop down to 10-15%. Pic 4 is the fader popup after closing the color picker.

Going the other way around. 1st the group intensity (and the subgroup intensities) is set to zero (Pic 5) and the color picker is clicked showing the previously changed color green (Pic 6).

When I click the pink the intensities of RGBW-fixtures changes to 95% (Pic 7). Even if I cancel the Color Picker the intensities remains in 95%. (Pic 8). This level varies randomly.

This really freak me out as the project has a lot of RGBW-fixtures, only part of these is shown here.

How can I fix this behaviour? I really want to use the intensity on a fader and choose the color with the picker.