Extron Serial Control of Legacy Unison

Anyone have any experience with programing extron controllers connected to a legacy unison controller?  I'm trying to get the code to work.  Its a simple code that basically is asking for "room," "resource," and "preset." resource may be the wrong word now that I think about it.  Anyways based off f what I se in the unison controller my room is "Auditorium" and from my understanding I don't need a resource.  However if I do I believe it to be "Zone 1". Then Preset I thin k is just a number, but I have also tried "Preset 1.

From a wiring stand point I have a 2 conductors wire with a ground.  I'm using red as TX and Black at RX and then the ground as common.  On the DB9 it is wired to Pint 2 TX, Pin 3 RX, and 5 common.  I did not change this as this was originally connected to a creation controller.  DO I need to move the TX to pin 1?

Thanks for any input that can be given.

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