Light Designer Macros - Channel and Group - Add to Selection Matrix

I can't seem to find any documentation for a description of how to use this. I'm searching for a way to add/remove channels to a group with a macro. When working with relay panels we usually provide a page with channel buttons for each relay, add them to groups, then make a macro to sequence them on/off so they don't all turn on at the same time. With relay panels this is straightforward, they are always the same channels. I'm working with a theatre that recently purchased ThruPower modules and they would like to be able to change positions for relay power from show to show. They like the functionality of the channel/group/macro page with the old system and I've tried using presets to do the same thing but that brings up other issues. 

  • It is not possible to dynamically change the contents of a group from a control in Paradigm. Through a bundle of custom scripts called "Single Space Select" it's possible to select individual channels and/or pre-existing groups and control them from a single fader or button, then on the same page (or popup) dynamically change the selection and control the new selection. It's even possible to save a series of channels to a "Selection Preset" to make it quicker to re-select the same channels later. Those Selection Presets can be dynamically updated as the needs of the space change. To be clear this data is not getting stored into regular Paradigm groups or presets. These are a distinct entity unique to this bundle of scripts.

    This bundle is available in the ASC Custom Script Library, and if you have questions on its use I encourage you to reach out to our friends in Applications Engineering!

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