ECHO Relays - Loss of sACN and Local Control

Bit of an odd problem with some mains-fed ECHO panels in our new space. Twice now (in September, and then just this week in November), we've had a number of relays refuse to actuate, either via sACN or a local set-levels command. This applies to either opening or closing the relay.

In either case, when going into About > About Output, the correct sACN level was shown even when the relay refused to open/close. For example, a troublesome circuit might say "Contact: OPEN, Current Level: %100" or vice person. 

Moving the small lever on the individual relays did close/open the circuits as intended. Setting manual-control of the relays to off and back on again had no effect. The relays responded identically (i.e. didn't respond) to sACN from our EOS console or the Paradigm system on the same network.

Both times this has happened, power-cycling the UI-module has cleared the issue.

When we experienced this issue in September, it affect approx. 12 relays across 4 ECHO racks. This week, it seemed to only affect two relays, though each was in a separate rack.

Weird, right?

Had a chat with the good folks in Tech Support on Friday, and looking forward to hearing if they uncover anything the config files from those racks. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this issue? We're running firmware version 3.0.1.