Echo DMX Sequences - very short fade and hold times... need a firmware revision...

For an application I am working on, I need less than 1 second hold times in a sequence.  Can a firmware revision be made to allow fractions of a second in the sequence hold and fade time fields?  Hopefully this is one of the new and exciting things that ETC will be working on.  Please let me know if it is already available - maybe I'm missing something, but I am not seeing a decimal on the keypad when entering hold and fade times in EchoAccess.  Thank you.

  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your post! This is a great idea and something we want to consider! Talking with the development team, there might have been a reason we only supported integer second times with sequences. However, we're going to investigate this a bit more, and if it is possible, we'll consider this for a future release.


    Shawn Fernandez

    Product Manager - Arch Controls

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