Echo preset stations

I have 2 10 button stations currently they are combined to the first station controls 1-10 the second controls 11-20, when i have a button selected and select another button that first button goes out. is there any way I can keep 2 buttons active at the same time? 

what I am trying to do is make one of the button stations used for house lights and the other one to turn on my Sensor dimmers that are set for switched that turn on and off my LED stage lighting. If this is possible can someone please help me figure out how this could be configured.

  • Hi John!

    By its design, Echo can only have one Preset placed in a "Space" at any given time. This is why you see one button turn off and another turn on. Given your application, you could set the two preset stations to be in separate "Spaces" which would allow for separate preset playback on each station.

    To change the Space of the station, you can turn the Space dial on the back of the station to a new space. For information on this, check out the Preset Station installation guide. After the second station is set to a different space, you can program which dimmers you want to be assigned to which space on the CEM3. For information on assigning spaces, check out page 34 of the CEM3 manual.

    Hope that helps!