Compare to Paradigm

I very fluent in what Paradigm can do. But a few new projects have very limited needs; house lights, a few stage presets and not much else. Paradigm would be a waste. I'll need a few buttons and relays for a couple dozen static lights. (There will be a full console for complex events.)

So I'm asking those that have used both, what will I miss?

  • You'll miss the ability to pick what lights are involved in your actions. An echo preset effects all lights in a given space. This means if you want houselight presets and stage light presets you will need two seperate echo spaces. This is easily doable but then what if you want presets that impact the stage and houselights? For this you would have to record the look in the two spaces separately and then set up a button to fire them both at the same time. The idea of "groups" is pretty much non existent in echo. You are either dealing with one lighting zone or the whole space through a preset.

  • Also, DMX is not a given in Echo. As in, if you want individual control of things from a console, you'll have to add hardware and adjust the system to work with DMX. I've found that using a combination of Echo and Foundry works best if DMX is needed.

  • Not sure I follow. I know only a few Echo products produce DMX. I'm thinking EchoTouch will be key.

    Foundry are DMX only input devices, right? I'm not sure how adding them to a system helps.

  • Thanks!

    I'm aware of most of that, but you stated it very nicely and confirmed my thoughts.

  • The ERP takes in DMX as well as the Foundry products, I was just mentioning that the Echo Room Controller Panels and Space Power Packs don't take in DMX. They only communicate over the Echo Bus. The EchoTouch can output DMX, but there is no input and will not track DMX values unless your system uses sACN. Even with sACN there is no snap-shotting of input values from other sources without the DMX Scene Controller in the same space capturing those values.