Echo Touch groups/Playbacks.

So, now we have a EchoTouch.

I miss to have a fader with a group or a playback (Colorsource) on. I have a hall with 2 rows of front lights, some backlight pars and cyc lights. I want to have the option to smooth dim them group by group.

Or at least as in the CS have playbacks that only play back what's selected when recording and not the full output.


  • Hi Johannes, it's important to note that while ColorSource and EchoTouch are related they do have some rather strong differences and this is indeed one of them. The concept of groups does not exist in Echo which is why it was removed for EchoTouch. This is something we would like to look at adding in at a later point but it has major change requirements for the rest of the Echo line. So not off the table just not in the current release.



  • Hello Lowell.

    You can maybe tell me the best way then for me to get the function I want.

    I have 2 rows of CS Pearl spots as FOH. I want them as 2 "groups" and 2 single lights. (That I can do with the channel faders) I have 12 CS Pars as backlight and 3 CS Linear 4 as Cyc. 

    I would like to have a way that I can set them easy to a level without needing 100 presets because of combinations. Prefer on a fader, but upp and down buttons could work.

    I know its a few ways to group lights and so on. So would it be possible to do something here? I use 1uni sACN to a Response gateway.

  • You can essentially do this with the Channel Map & Parameter buttons.

    If you layout the fixtures in a cohesive way on the EchoTouch so users can easily tell which fixtures are which, you can select multiple channels on that screen and then use the parameter button on the left to bring up the intensity wheel and other settings.

    Obviously, Lowell can review this if I'm correct on this option, but I believe it should accomplish what you're looking for.

  • I know that. This is in a hall where people totally are without technical support. So the less they can screw up the better. A layout is OK but not perfekt. And witout instructions it can be a mess. So 3 fadersn foh1, foh2 and backlight would do it. That is harder to mess up. 

  • Ah, I completely get it. Just wanted to give a suggestion of what I've done on previous commissions to get the outcome you we're discussing.

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