Power Supplies & Aux Power Limitations

Are there plans in the future for a Gen 3 of the Smart Space Controller and a Gen 2 of the E-APS to increase the 24V Aux power to the 1500mA rating that all other Power Supplies with Aux seem to produce?

The EchoTouch is an amazing product, but the fact it requires 400mA of power and you need a wall mounted box to house it's power supply is a hard sell to some customers who are used to systems with a J-Box mounted power supply and touchscreen setup.

Thanks in advance for any information on this!

  • Hey Dustin,

    This is great feedback and something we've heard quite a bit. We are exploring options on this, but unfortunately, I don't have any more details to share quite yet. If you want to discuss this more, feel free to shoot me a message! I'm always happy to take feedback!