Echo Space Lockout Options

I'm testing some setups in the Concert Demo system, and I had some questions about Space Lockouts.

So it seems the Keyswitch is the only hardware device (other than Echo Touch) that can lockout a space... is that correct?

I'm hoping to put a simple button station in a room that will be used for simple studio use on youtube, and was hoping to put an occupancy sensor with 2 button station in the room. The idea being that Press and Hold the Lower button would Toggle lockout of the Space, so the lights don't move from the Top button or Vacancy detection.

On a similar note, it seems a bit strange that the Push and Hold and Double Tap Settings seem to Come and go when they feel like it. Is there a section of the Help Manual I'm missing that explains when those options are available?

  • Hi Shadow!

    At this time, a keyswitch station, EchoTouch, and contact input interface are the only devices that can lockout a space. We have received requests for adding this feature to button stations, but have run into some logistical questions with it. If I hit a space lockout on a button station, is that station also locked out now as well? If so, how do I unlock it? Things like that. While we aren’t saying ‘no’ to this request, there are some aspects that we need to work out first. If you have thoughts on those items, I'd love to hear them!

    In addition, the 'Space Lockout' function on any of the devices mentioned above does not lockout Occupancy Sensors. This is due to various energy codes that prevent us from disabling these sensors. However, we are looking at adding features that will help make this process a little easier. Not necessarily by allowing you to lockout the sensor, but other ways that might help you achieve the same result and still abide by those energy codes. Those features are targeted for a future release, but unfortunately, I don't have a timeline on that quite yet. 

    Finally, I’m not sure if there is a spot in the manual that addresses when those double-tap and push actions are disabled. This is a good point though! I will touch base with our tech writing team to look into adding this. However, I can tell you that the actions that disable those are Sequence, Timed Event Hold, and Space Combine actions. 

    Thanks for your feedback on all of this! I’ll make sure to pass it along to the team.