Echo Touch Multi Spaces

So with the Color Source Updates, it looks like Echo Touch can now Patch multiple fixtures to different spaces. 80 Devices, 16 Echo Connected Power Controller Products.

So here's a system I'm designing.

I want to setup an 8 Zone Room Controller, and Echo Touch, 1 Button Station, and the Expansion Bridge, for WiFi Control to control 2 rooms.

My goal is to place the Echo Touch in the main room, Run 3 Circuits to the side room, and place the Button Station there.

If I build Presets on the Echo Touch in the main room (Space 1) that control the Side Room (Space 2), then I can setup my button station to Space 2, and program the Preset and Controls for it.

And if those are also DMX fixtures, they could be patched to Space 2 and have presets recalled from the button station.

On a slightly different topic, do DMX Fixtures respond to Space Raise and Lower Commands?