Echo DMX Scene Controller

Based on looking at the Echo Access App and Datasheets, the DMX Scene Controller can snapshot up to 32 Presets, that can be recalled from Other Echo Products.

But what I'm curious about, a Space usually has up to 16 Presets.

So I'm trying to figure out how do I record and then Recall Presets 17 through 32 on the Echo DMX Scene Controller?

Let's say the setup is:

Colorsource -> DMX -> Echo DSC -> Fixtures

and the Echo DSC is connected to a 4 Button with Fader, and EEB for Concert Configuration of the system,.

During Operation, a WiFi Tablet will recall Presets 5 through 20, and 1 Sequence of Presets 21 thru 32. The Button Station recalls Presets 1 thru 4 and a single zone fader.

  • There really isn’t a limit of presets in a space. The limit is on the devices. You’re correct that most power products have a 16 preset limit but some devices like the Scene Controller have more. As for how to control them you have a few options. The EchoAccess app does indeed give you options to get to more but you can also change what presets your inspire stations can control. You can do the manually from the station when in preset mode by holding the program button and tapping the number you wish the station to start at. Or you can switch between the preset mode and custom mode to have two different pages. Or add more inspire stations. Lots of options!