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Echo Space Combine

Hi There

I'm designing a ballroom that can be divided into four separate spaces as needed. I want to use Echo but I'm not sure about the space combine feature. On the EchoAccess app I can only seem to combine 2 spaces at a time. Am I missing something?  

Kind regards

  • Hey there!

    A Space Combine action in Echo can indeed only combine two spaces together. If you have multiple spaces, you would need a button for Space Combine 1&2, another for Space Combine 2&3, and 3&4. If all spaces are combined together, you would need to activate all of those buttons. This can also be accomplished with a partition sensor and contact input interface if you have air walls. If your space is more of a square, then you might also want a Space Combine 4&1 button as well. It may be redundant when combining all four spaces, but if you see yourself combining only two spaces at a time, it would be useful.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if I can help further.