Echo Touch, Not being able to Patch DMX Fixtures to Multiple Spaces

So I've run into a bit of a problem with a system I'm designing.

We're using the Navis F Drive, to control 48 FTW fixtures. We're trying to use an Echo Touch Controller, to patch the fixtures into different Spaces, so they can respond to Echo Presets and Space commands.

But that's when I realized you can't do that.

The workaround if I wanted to do that now, would be to purchase additional Scene Controllers, patch the Navis Fixtures as Echo Zones on the controller for a different space, then Patch them into the Touch screen as an echo Zone with Color.

But that seems like a really convoluted workaround, which could be solved by patching DMX fixtures into different Echo Spaces.

Otherwise, it seems like currently the only way to use the Navis F Drive is to patch all the fixtures into a single Space the Zone Controller is in.

  • I'm assuming you are running the most current version of EchoTouch.  I have been able to patch fixtures into multiple spaces on an echo touch, but I suspect you haven't enabled those spaces in the setup menu yet. 

    In the Setup>Settings>Spaces tab, you have to enable multiple spaces on the EchoTouch, then you should be able to patch the DMX out to the Navis F Drive addresses and then assign them to a space/channel in Echo for local controls.   I'd add a screen shot, but I apparently can't figure out how to add an image to this post.  

    Good Luck.

  • At the moment this is not supported in EchoTouch. DMX output is only allowed form the space that the EchoTouch is assigned to. Echo zones can be assigned to any space which is why the multiple DMX scene controllers solution works. We do have plans to allow DMX addresses to be assigned to spaces but no timeline on that functionality quite yet.

  • You can Add additional Echo Zones from other Spaces to be controlled by the Echo Touch, but as I mentioned, you can't do it with the DMX Addresses you patch. Lowell says it's a feature on the Roadmap, but that may be a problem for this project I'm putting in.

  • Glad to hear it's on the roadmap. Time to get creative.

  • You are correct, I had a system with mixed controls, and that was the one where i was able to mix up spaces on the touchscreen, but the touchscreen itself was only able to be in one space.  Sorry for my post with mis-information.