How do I receive notifications about new firmware?

As new firmware comes out for devices, it can change the design for the system as I work for a design-build firm.  Is there a way to know when new firmware is released, like an RSS feed or a email list?

  • maybe regularly checking if updaterator shows a firmware update? not as comfortable as an email, but should get the job done for some product lines.

  • Hi ClarkSRS.  I saw your other post as well about the echo wire cable cross as well.  As ctprice said in the other thread we are trying to include these in our regular newsletters more often.

    That being said, the following may help with some of your ETC update needs.  While we do send out notices specifically for console software updates, there is not a specific section for architectural style firmware yet.  However, if you are currently not signed up for any ETC updates, I would suggest the top two as a way to stay up to date on changes as we roll them out.  I'll add, because I hate getting 100s of email newsletters, ETC Marketing is really good at only sending out these updates every two-four weeks, so your inbox won't be cluttered.

    ETC Architectural News and Updates
    ETC Product News & Updates

    You can change these at:

  • To further add to Chris's suggestion, our minor and patch releases will show up under the "What's happening at ETC" section of the MyETC homepage. Major releases, or anything that adds features or impacts Echo system design, would be notified by the email newsletter Chris mentioned.