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Feature Request - Access more than 16 presets via Echo Access

We have a DMX Scene Controller on a job, with a Crestron system sending preset recall commands via the Echo Integration Interface.

An EACC was added for the end-user to easily record snapshots to presets from their own mobile device. However, while the DMXSC has a 32 preset capacity, Echo Access only allows control/recording of up to 16 presets, even with combined spaces. (So I learned after some quality phone time with tech support).

There are no other Echo stations on the job.

Echo Access is marketed as "EchoAccess unlocks the full capabilities of your Echo control system".

Thanks in advance

  • Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the feedback! I had just logged this earlier as well as it looks like you submitted this request through tech services. We’ll review this request soon and look at adding it in.