Fixture Profile Request - Luminarc Colorist Panel 36QA

Would it be possible to get a fixture profile for the Luminarc Colorist Panel 36QA for use with Echo Touch mk2


  • Hello,

    Taking a look at the User Manual, there are 3 different modes for this fixture.  The 4-channel and 6-channel modes can be controlled using Generic profiles already in the EchoTouch fixture library.

    4-CH is RGBA 8-bit, and 6-CH is IRGBASt 8-bit

    If you want to use the 10CH mode, it appears this fixture uses essentially the same layout and ranges as the "Iluminarc > Colorist Line 6Qa > 10ch" mode:

    Address 7 "Color Macro + White Balance" is referred to as "Color Mix" in EchoTouch.

    Address 8 "Auto Programs" is referred to as "Color Macro" in EchoTouch, and has different / more ranges than the 36Qa

    Address 9 "Auto Speed" is referred to as "Color Mix Macro Rate" in EchoTouch.

    Address 10 "Dimming Profiles" is referred to as "Dimmer Curve" in EchoTouch and has the same ranges as the 36Qa.

    Let us know if that helps or if you have more questions. 

  • I will give your recommendations a try.  Thank you for your help.