Echo DMX Scene controller voltage output on Echoconnect Bus


I recently installed a DMX Scene Controller and an Echo Inspire Control Station and also the 24V aux power supply.

I wasn't getting any power to the control station to begin programming. I went to the Scene Controller and metered 0V coming off the Echoconnect bus.

The power led is working, the DMX in and out leds are working and it was blinking red when there was no DMX present.

One note, there is only 22.9V coming from the power supply which is new. So I don't know if that 1v drop if affecting the output or if the controller is bad. 

I assume there should always be +24v coming from the Echoconnect output, but I'm getting 0V.

I did buy the controller from Ebay; however it looks brand new with all the appropriate paperwork, heat shrink, tie-wraps, etc.

DMX is passing through the controller properly.

Thanks for the help,