Moving light control


we recently installed new colorsource 40 AV console and we have 4pcs of Prolights Luma 1500 SH fixtures the programmer works well the problems started when I recorded some playbacks.

1. intensity - I recorded position and intensity parameters on playback button, when I bring up the playback fader slowly the 4th fixture have some delay, the same happens when I bring fader down 1. video. When I bring up intensity manually it works just fine 2. video

2. I cant understand is this is my understanding problem or desk. I have some recorded playbacks with movers, when I bring them up and turn them off the only thing whats switches off is intensity. When I press "clear all'' it does not switch the position off. The only way to get fixtures at home position is to go through parameter window and set everything to home.

  • Hello,

    Are you sure, that your playback record was done with the same intensity in the same time ? For me this feature works well.

  • 1) Can you please send your show file and say which playback you see this with?

    2) Position is Latest-Takes-Precedence (LTP). Fixtures will stay where you put them until you move them somewhere else.
    This is the same idea as placing a chair centre stage. That chair will stay centre stage until somebody moves it!

    If you only turn the light on and off, this has no effect on where it's pointing.
    - Also, most of the time you don't want the light to move while it's fading up or down anyway.

    For Playbacks, there is a setting "Parameters on Playbacks: Bi-directional" that causes the playbacks to move the LTP parameters back when you bring them down. Turn that On if you want bringing a playback fader down to move the lights, instead of just turning them off.

  • 1. I deleted all recorded memories and save file under new name, then saved the same thing with 4 fixtures at 100% intensity and it works fine now. If I will get some problems with playbacks I will send you showfile.

    2. Ok, then this is just my understanding problem. I mostly use MA consoles.

    If I need to "clear all" stage, then it means clear all from the stage also the chair.

    P.S. the most frustrating thing about the workflow is that I cant save any presets. The color chip recording also doesn't work.

    One more question, is it posible to add automark function for playbacks, so the moving lights get in their positions and open the dimmer when fixture is at corect position and changed all gobo, color etc. ?

  • Color Chips record the color picker color, not direct emitter values.
    This is because you can use them for absolutely any color mixing fixtures - including ones you haven't patched yet.
    In 2.6.0 (currently in public beta), direct emitter values are converted to their colour picker approximation to record to a color chip.

    v3.0.0 will be adding Palettes.
    (MA consoles call these Presets, which is very confusing because Presets are something else entirely in every other console)

    To 'Mark' Playbacks:
    Set the buttons below the playback to "Move/GO" mode instead of Flash. Then you can hit the button to move them into position/gobo before bringing up the fader.

  • Thanks, this was helpful!