Newbie question about OSC commands...

Hi everyone,

I'm not a lighting, but a sound guy ;-) and have to prepare a QLab sound project for a theater using a ColorSource AV 40 console. I have to integrate some cues triggering CS AV 40 lighting cues at a very special time within a sound cue in QLab.

I've checked the online manual of the CS AV 40 console, but only found the following OSC command:

/cs/playback/gotocue/xx:cue number Goes to the specified cue in the cue list

Is this command just "selecting" will say "go to" the cue specified cue number? Do I have to add any further OSC command to actually trigger and PLAY the cue number?

Thanks for your insight and replies!


  • Hello,

    Yes the "gotocue" command go to and play the cue Nr specified. I use it on QLab to drive my CS20AV.

    And it take in account the fade in/out time specified on the Cue.

  • Thanks for your reply! I'm glad I was on the right track with my assumption - I can now start to programm QLab and will see if everything works well when I'm in the theater in two weeks.

    Have a great time, Thomas