Moving head fixtures in the cue list

Is there not a way to have a moving head move(change parameters) before the next cue is live? Also is there not a way to have the intensity turn off first before it moves to the next location? I’m new to using moving heads a programming them in cues. Right now I have the fixture in one location with color and beam size, then in the next cue different settings.... the changes are all seen live...

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  • To add to Stuart's reply:

    If you record two consecutive cues where the fixture is "On", this tells the console that you want the move to be "Live".
    Eg when you want the fixtures "sweeping" across the stage, fading from one colour to another etc.

    If you record a cue in between where the fixtures are "Off", this tells the console to reposition them ready for the next cue, so they'll fade up in the new position/colour/gobo etc.

    The default "move dark" time for this repositioning is 1 second.

    If you need them to move faster (or slower) you can change this time in Setup > Settings > Times > "Move Dark Time".