Feature request - ‘gelling’ stage map dimmers

It would be good if the stage map could show the colour of gelled lanterns as I reckon filters are going to be with us for many years to come

A possible way to do this might be to put a primary colour ‘paint box’ on edge of the Layout window. As soon as you start dragging a channel tile it goes black number on white. If you drag it over one of the ‘paint pots’ the white starts to ‘soak up’ the paint and acquires a steadily saturating tint. Visit another pot to create a mix and have a white pot to desaturate the colour should you take it too far. You then drag the tile to where you want it.

This will save having extra steps in the patching process.

It might also be good if dimmer channels showed on the map with a circular infill to differentiate them from higher tech devices.

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  • The trouble with having this feature in ‘Patch’ is that you have to colour each dimmer channel individually. Pity you can’t colour a multiple selection, say by giving dimmer channels the same controls as colour mixing fixtures, but making it clear that this will only control the colour of map symbols and buttons, not the output. There is however the matter of not being able to see the mimicked colour when the device is off.