Colorsource 20 Bump Lights stuck on

My channel 11 - 15 bump lights are stuck on(11 - white, 12 light blue, 13/14 - coral, 15 - green).  I can still use the bump to control the actual lights. But the bump lights themselves are stuck in a light (dim) state.  I have tried powering the entire board off and when i power back on the bumps on the top row run through their sequence but the bottom row lights up as shown and never runs the chase sequence.  I also tried to re-patch - still nothing.  When I run the board in playback mode the bumps for channels 11 - 15 don't show in purple to indicate they have a playback in them; they remain in the random colors.  Also pressing them does not brighten their intensity to show it has been selected.   Help!