Colorsource fixture add request

Need to have COLORKEY Mover Miniwash Quad 4 RGBW moving head light added to library. Thank you.

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  • The personality editor v1.1 Quick Guide is here:

    In essence, the steps are:

    1. Set the names
    2. Choose the colour mixing system (sounds like this is RGBW)
    3. Add the other parameters, typing in their names if not already in the dropdown.
    4. Set each as 8 or 16bit, plus Invert if need be.
    5. Set the DMX offsets for each parameter, inc. Fine for 16bit parameters
    6. Set the Home values if the initial default isn't right


    • Add Ranges - these are what appear in the pop-up film strip
    • Add Gobos and Color chips to the Ranges

    All that said, if you can send us the "real" manual by any means then we can do this for you, and once you're confident it actually matches the fixtures you own we can add that to the main library.