Fixture Request: EA-8080 (OS-8080) LED BAR for Colorsource20

I need the fixture profile for a ColorSource20 console for the following LEDBar

I've seen it referred to as both a EA-8080 or OS-8080, but haven't seen the profile in any of the library updates?

Can someone help me please. I need the profile for a school production and am new to lighting in general

  • Hi Jhartt.  While you could build this fairly easily in the offline CS Profile Editor.  I would suggest a simpler solution to get you going.

    Based of the EA-8080 (if this is the correct fixture) it's basically an IRGB fixture and then a bunch of extra DMX addresses (5-13  for special individual cell RGB control).  That extra info is something if I had to guess you won't use or you can simplify down so you can at least turn on the entire fixture.

    Realize that Channel 1 is not really intensity, it sets the mode for the fixture, so by default the fixture will have Ch 1 intensity at 0 and remain in dimmer mode.  You will have to individually turn on the RGB parameters to dim the light up and down.  Kind of an unfortuante use of their dmx.

    In short patch your fixtures as IRGB in Color Source (4 dmx addresses) but you will have to space your patch out every 13 dmx addresses.  basically we are just not patching and never accessing dmx 5-13 of each fixture.

  • Is this on track? What changes would I make?