Crash saving new file - CS40

Very often, the console restarts when I create a new file (setup -> files -> save as)

This does not happen when just saving an existing file.

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  • It happens every time in fact.

    Here is the log file.



  • I have looked at the log files but cannot see any specific reasons for the crash. Can you give us some more details about what you do? Does this happen when you save a specific show file with "Save As"? Do you get the same problem if you start with New or another show file and do the same?

  • I have tried different things:

    saving my current show after doing some changes : crash

    clear everything, patch 20 dimmers, make some changes (intensity), save : crash

    The only way to save without crash is to boot the console, and save directly after.

  • Hi Arnof,

    thanks for for the videos. Does it crash if you don’t have the mouse plugged into the console and your try to save?  And is it a wired or wireless mouse? if it’s a wireless version is there a keyboard associated with that receiver as well as a combo mouse/keyboard option. Please let us know 

  • Indeed, nothing happens with the mouse unplugged!
    It was a Microsoft wired mouse.
    Thank you and bravo!

  • Arnof.  Thank you for letting us know it worked.  When people can show us via videos it makes it so much easier.  It would have been hard to tell any other way you were using a mouse.  It is definitely easier to click using the mouse for labeling we realize.  If that's easier for your workflow, I would suggest trying another mouse.  Sometimes they have drivers that mess up the console.

  • I use a wireless combo on my second console (CS20AV), and everything works fine ;o)