Rogue R2X Spot profile error

Hi, it seems like the profiles for the Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot have incorrect color wheel and gobo values. Here are the correct values in the manual:


  • What exactly seems to be the problem?

    The ranges in Library 15.5.0 all appear to match the linked DMX chart.

    I can't check whether the colors chips or gobo images are correct as the linked DMX chart doesn't mention the default gobos or show any color chips.

  • The color wheel number two seems to have all the colors twice. There are two sets of 2 white colors each for example. There should only be one set.

  • This is the way the fixture (appears to) work.

    The media can be selected as either "force-to-full-frame" and "permit part-frame".

    The Full-Frame ones are labelled in brackets "(Orange)" and cannot be placed part-way between, while the part-frame ones are just "Orange" and enable the drag up/down to place them partway between frames - eg half-Orange and half Pink.