Forum speed and colour chips v palettes

I have waited over 2 minutes for this page to download - why?

Secondly - now that colour palettes have replaced colour chips, it appears we have lost the ability to record a colour for one fixture and use it on another, as palettes record individual colours for each channel. I appreciate a colour chip may render differently on different species of fixture, but should match reasonably well on fixtures of the same species.

  • Hi Stuart, I’m not sure why you had an issue loading the page. It came right up for me. Can you try clearing the cache on your web browser and loading again. 

    As for the color picker. We’ll take a look at what we can do to improve that. Were you recording based off color picker or direct emitter control? 


  • Am unable to clear cache on iPad Safari. I am rewriting this reply in the hope it will get through. I pressed Post on last attempt but it failed.

    Regarding colour chips, no problem with accuracy, just that chips could be global but palettes record different values for different fixtures, so the face friendly white recorded for one Equinox RGBY Zoom as a colour chip can’t be used to set up another.