Two more suggestions

Firstly that Seth, Anders, Lowell, John, Pascal and everyone else visiting this forum have a great Christmas and a successful 2020. It’s been very quiet on the CS console front recently, I hope everyone is well and recovered from the release of V3.

My second suggestion derives from two previous suggestions: my most recent on ML position control and the interactive stage map idea. When you connect a trackball to the console, you have the option in Setup to replace the ‘wheel’ on the right of the touch screen with a set of parameter buttons that choose what the trackball governs. This would include: Intensity (default); Hue/Saturation; XY position; and Beam.

Intensity would use just the vertical movement of the trackball and would be a direct substitute for the intensity wheel of other consoles. If the device uses a scroller or colour wheel you might use horizontal movement to control this.

Hue/Saturation would be like the rainbow colour picker, horizontal movement to pick the hue, vertical to increase saturation.

The Position (EOS Term: ‘focus’) obviously controls aim in both dimensions but its button might toggle between coarse and fine.

Beam would cycle through the various options the selected device had to offer. Some might pair nicely and benefit from both dimensions of the trackball, e.g. thrust and angle on a Solaframe shutter.

In effect this would be trimmed down equivalent of what EOS does but using the vertical and horizontal movement of the trackball instead of two encoder wheels, and also provide a much more tactile intensity wheel. It would be a much more direct way to control a fixture than having to drill down through the Controls options.