Export all Media files to USB drive at once?


Arrived at a venue with media files on ColorSource 20 AV consoles.  I'd like to export all the media files to back them up.  There are several media files and folders.  The only method I've found to export a media file is to export all in the advanced settings.  Unfortunately this only exports a single media file, the currently selected one in the running show.  Is there another way to export media files?  I'd like to export them all.

Thank you,

Truth C.

  • Hi Truth, try Setup>Files>Advanced>Export all. I think that will give you what you are looking for.

  • I’ve tested “Export All” in the Advanced File settings a couple more times.  In version 3.0, and perhaps 2.__ as well, exporting of media files seems disabled .  The only media file I got was from initially using export all before I updated the firmware of a version 1.___ AV console.

    If it’s indeed possible to export a media file in version 3.0 then I’d like to know how.

     Have you tested this yourself?  Do you have a video? 

  • Hi Truth, the media files are embedded into the showfile so if you're looking for them on the flash drive you won't see them. Mind uploading your show file here so we can take a look?

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