Suggested Effects Addition

One thing I've been finding that I would really love to have for intensity effects is the ability to change how many fixtures are on at any one point. For instance, with on/off, I would love to have the ability for it to be fanned out, but also only have one fixture on at a time. Sometimes you can accomplish this with a small number of fixtures using fan only, but once you add in more lights it won't fan in a way that you can limit it to one light at a time. This would also be great for cosine and a few other effects where you could have a single small wave move across the fixtures rather than multiple smaller waves the way that it ends up using fan.

  • It sounds to me that you are trying to create what EOS would achieve with a Step Effect. Could you do what you want on the Colorsource with a sequence?

    It brings to mind an effect I had in mind with an multicell wall wash fixture that had been modified to fan the beams*. I felt it would be cool to create the effect of a sound lever meter needle responding to the sound to light feature of the AV console. Theoretically a simple intensity chase would create a ‘swinging needle’ but how to get it to respond to music?

    If there could be a way that you could step through an entire sequence by moving the playback fader from zero to full, you could get the S2L to govern the position of a chase in response to music, as S2L ‘operates’ playback faders.

    (* This was achieved by chopping up one of those PVC fresnel stickers used to widen the view from car rear windows and placing the bits over the LED reflectors)

  • I tried creating a playback sequence in order to achieve the effect, but I ran into problems. The issue is that controlling the sequence rate is kind of awkward and imprecise for what I'm doing. I need a steady acceleration which would be a lot easier with an effect speed control using cues. Crossfading between cues with effects currently has its own issues, but those at least I know they're working to resolve. 

    In the meantime, I will probably end up having to program this as a series of 100+ timed cues.