Live Sequence recording

This suggestion might be a solution looking for a problem.

Set up a look and record as the first step of a sequence. Put in a value for fade time and hit a new button labelled ‘Live Record’. The console goes into live recording mode, displays a watermark and samples the output storing new steps separated by the same time interval as you originally set for fade time, until you stop it or all 99 steps have been filled. During this time you may be altering lights manually, have effects, cues, S2L or anything else running. Playing back the sequence should reproduce something like what happened when you recorded it, depending on what sampling speed you chose. You could then make changes using the existing editing features. 

Thinking of problems it might solve - it would be a way to convert a library effect into an editable sequence, or perhaps get a moving light to follow a particular path. It would go well with my previous suggestion to execute a full sequence with just the end to end movement of the fader.