Trying to edit a fixture profile from the library.

I'm looking for some help in editing a fixture profile from the inbuilt library.

I have a bunch of ovation F-415FC fixtures that i wish to change the default zoom level to full to make it wide as default.
I have downladed the fixture edit software and have tried to load the fixture via saving show file and then opening that show file in the editor to retrieve the profile to no success.
I think this is down to the save file that both the offline editor and the console not being either of the file formats the editor recognises. The save file that is created is .lsf not .jlib or .json.

Hope you can help as it is fairly annoying that the fixtures default to fully zoomed
And i would create a fresh fixture profile but there is no option to have the colour profile as RGBAL.

Thanks in advance!

Shaun :)

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