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Runing latest CS software and tried to patch some CS Linear 4 in cell mode over RDM.

The desk can't find them. I had concert up to change mode and adress and found my whole rig (10 CS Pearl Spots, 12 CS pars and 3 SC Linear 4) in concert.

In the Color source console it found all lights except the bars (That is in the same DMX chain as the Pars) in the old file. After creating a new file it only found the PARs. The spots it found 1 of, the Linear non. 

The setup is SC 40AV and a Echo Touch in to a POE switch. Then out to a Response gateway and from there to a Swisson RDM spliter out to the lights.

Why is it so slow on the RDM? it's really a lottery if it works or not. Had times it worked just fine...

  • Would you be able to be in this situation, then save logs from your ColorSource console to send to us?  As well as a saved Concert configuration?

    Then, I would ask you to try plugging all or some of the CS Linears directly into the Response Gateway, and see if the ColorSource console can find them.  If that doesn't work, could you briefly try plugging the linears directly into the ColorSource console, to see if RDM directly from the "plugs" finds those fixtures?

    Also, which firmware do you have on the Response Gateway?

  • Here is a Zip with Concert, Logs and show file.

    I did not find the fixtures thru any of your suggested ways.

    Even the Concert had problems finding them. (Had to do a few scans after they was unplugged) 

    I did find pars that is in line AFTER the Linear when I went with direct DMX in to them, but not the linear.

    Also I did not find some Pearl spots after the in and out plunging of cables. But turning them on did wake them up and I got contact with them. But that did not change it for the linear.


    The Linear:

    CS40AV RDM.zip

  • Thank you, I will have a look at these data.

    You should consider updating the firmware of the Gateway to v7.1.0 as time permits - it may help the problem because it has looser RDM timings, which may help in communicating through the Swisson device.

  • Thanks, I will see when the time comes.... It's a lot of gear I should update... ;-)

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