Recorded Levels 1% lower in Memories after being recorded and Sequence Levels will not exceed level 253 after being recorded

Hello ETC and Forum,

Can Anyone from ETC give me an update as to when we will see a Fix ( LONG OVERDUE IN MY OPINION) for the fact that when I record a level, such as 53% and it actually plays back at 52%. The other issue is when I program sequences that should be playing back at 255 and will not play back at more than 253.

I find this SO unacceptable considering we have purchased multiple consoles for our company and now cannot access pre-programmed items in some of our equipment because the levels are not exceeding 253, or the fact that if we need to record 53% we actually have to record 54%, ridiculous in my opinion.

I will accept a Beta that has the fix considering we have run betas since version 1 was released.

With people have more indoor time now, no reason we can't have more people spending time programming and fixing items that should be normal functions.

Thank you,