Colorsource and Visualizer

I am trying to get the Colorsource AV to talk to a visualizer.

I have tried Vision and using the Music The Musical model on Capture.

I have pinged and there is connection.

I have set sACN as the provider.

I used Visions DMX viewer and there is no movement on the channels.

Messing around I tried artnet and got some response though it was not consistent or correct, I have been unable to duplicate that. Tried turning off the RDM.

I am at a loss.

I would love to get this to work for training purposes.

  • Well....I went in and changed the fixtures on vision to universe 2, using Artnet.  That worked.  I have used the same laptop to run the visualizers with both an Ion and a Chamsys QuickQ  so I know the connections are solid.  So the fixtures in the CS AV are on universe 1 and the fixtures in Vision are addressed to universe 2.  I dont understand it but at least it is working.

  • Be sure to confirm your settings for the Network Universes:

    Above image:

    ColorSource Universe 1: Artnet Universe 0.0 - DMX Addresses 1<512 aka Universe 1 in sACN

    ColorSource Universe 2: Artnet Universe 0.1 - DMX Addresses 513<1024 aka Universe 2 in sACN

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