How to migrate a Unison Dimmer from Smartfader console to Colorsource 40 console

I installed a Colorsource 40 console with 6 new Colorsource spots and 6 Colorsource PARS controlled via a Colorsource transmitter and two receivers.  We have the primary lights on a pair of Unison dimmer racks.  If I move the DMX cable from the Smartfader to the Colorsource it sees a dimmer on DMX channel36 which isn't being used by and of the spots or pars. How do I get the Colorsource to identfy all the channels in the Unison that control the old spots and the main LED lightning in the room  ?   Should I see seeing multiple dmx channels from the Unison that I need to avoid  on the new LED spots and pars ?

  • Hello,

    The ColorSource 40 relies on RDM to discover / identify RDM-capable fixtures like the CS Spots and Pars.  Assuming your CS Transmitter and Receivers were purchased in the last few years, or have been updated to the current version (v1.2.0), the Transmitter/Receiver will pass RDM messages back and forth between the ColorSource Console and LED ColorSource Fixtures.

    Unison dimmer racks are not RDM-capable, so the console will not discover / identify them.  You will need to manually add Dimmers to the ColorSource Console patch in order to control those lights.  If your Unison dimmers are DMX 1-48, you'll need to add 48 Dimmers to your console's Patch.

    Since the ColorSource 40 only has one DMX port, I think you either need to wire your system as   
    1) Console > Unison racks > Transmitter >>>(via wireless) >  Receivers > LED fixtures


    2) Console > Transmitter >>>(via wireless) > 1st Receiver > LED fixtures 
    and 2nd receiver > Unison racks.

    Option 1 assumes that you already have a DMX Output port wired to your Unison racks (many systems don't have this)

    Colorsource it sees a dimmer on DMX channel36

    It's possible this is from one of your ColorSource Receivers.  Would you be able to share a picture of the console screen when it discovers this device?  If it's a ColorSource Receiver, it can be set in "DMX Mode" where bringing a channel up on your console turns on the relay, and bringing it down turns it off.

    Should I see seeing multiple dmx channels from the Unison that I need to avoid  on the new LED spots and pars ?

    Since your console only has a single DMX port, you will need to "skip" the Unison's DMX range, which is probably 1-48 if it's two racks side-by-side, 12 dimmer modules per rack.  Some people find it easier to skip by a round number like 100, so then you could make your new fixtures start at 101 and go up from there.  You can either leave the fixtures' addresses sequential (101-105, 106-110 if using 5-channel mode) or you can skip here, too (101-105, 111-115, etc).  Just keep in mind that the highest-allowed DMX address is 512, and the ColorSource fixtures won't let you set a starting address that would push them over 512 (for instance, can't start a 5-channel-mode fixture at address 510).

    There's a lot of information and options here, so it may be easier to reach out to your local ETC Dealer or give Technical Support a call.  If you're in North America, the number is (800) 688-4116.