Two light boards (learning and show) NOT running at same time?

I teach Drama, and recently acquired a new ETC ColorSource 40 light board as we begin to transition over to LED (a few new lanterns a year). 

I don't want to waste my old board, especially because I teach 8th Grade to 12th Grade, and I see the old board as a valuable learning tool.

My question is: Is there any "splitter" that would allow me to ALTERNATE  which board I use to control the lights?
When an 8th or 9th Grade class is doing tech, I want them to use the old board, while experienced students in older classes would use the new board but I don't want to have to manually be moving the DMX cable back and forth between the two systems every time class changes. I would NEVER have both system powered and running simultaneously. I just want to be able to power down one, and power up the other, and vice versa.

Can this be done?

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