Fixture Profile Request

 would like a profile for a Venue lighting effects Tetra 12 6channel.  I have tried to use generic profiles and other venue profiles and nothing is working,  thanks! 

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  • you should be able to use:

    Mode 3Ch: Generic LED - RGB 8b

    Mode 4Ch: Generic LED- RGBA 8b

    Mode 6Ch: Looks similar-enough to Futurelight Pro Slim Par 12 QCL RGBA 6ch

    I would not recommend using the 5Ch mode since it's confusing to have Strobe and Intensity controlled by the same DMX address.

    If you would prefer to build a profile, you can do so by using the ColorSource Personality Editor, available from the ColorSource Consoles downloads page.

    In order to have the profiles added to our library, we need a copy of the complete manual (not just this one page).  At this time, it will be at least 8 weeks before that can happen.

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