CS 40 RDM, says unknown device

I am using the CV 40 AV on a Chauvet Rig, all fixtures are RDM compatible. Upon performing an RDM search, every fixture downloads and displays as "Unknown Device". So, now I will need to manually update all of the device types so I can work. Is this normal? 

I preformed the RDM VIA the 2 DMX 5 pin universes.

Im hoping I can down load the addresses then take my desk home to program on CAPTURE

  • "Unknown Device" means that nobody has yet informed ETC what the fixture calls itself via RDM, so the console has no way to search for them in its fixture library database.

    If you manually patch one of the fixtures, the console will then update all the others of the same type as it will then 'know' what they are.

    Sadly several manufacturers do not put this information into their manuals or other documentation (RDM Model and Personality IDs), which means the only way to find out these IDs is for someone to physically connect the fixture to a console and try it out!

    Once you've identified your RDM fixtures, please send a copy of the patched showfile to colorsourceconsole (at) etcconnect (dot) com, and we'll add the identifiers in a later fixture library update and then you won't need to do it again.