Saving to console CS Personality Editor

I have created a personality in CS Personality Editor.  So how do I save it to load onto echotouch?

  • The instructions are essentially the same as for ColorSource consoles, so you can follow the steps here: Loading a Custom ColorSource Profile - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc (I will work on cross-posting that to the EchoTouch part of the Support website).

    There is a button on the top bar for "Save for Console":

    That will prompt you to select a USB thumbdrive to save to.  

    Ensure that the file’s name is “userlib.jlib” (DO NOT RENAME)
    Insert the USB drive into your EchoTouch
    On the EchoTouch, go to “Patch”
    Go to “Add Device”
    Click “Standard Library” to drop down a menu then click “User Library”
    Select your profile and hit “Accept”
    You have now installed your custom profile onto your ColorSource console.