Is it a software or a hardware problem with the Colorsource 20?

1 If a fader is left on when the console is put into hibernation mode the light will stay on.

2 When the power is disconnected and the console restarts and all the faders are down a light will come on in the rig and follow the colour changes on the console as it starts up.

  • "the light will stay on", meaning the channel's fixture and/or dimmer will remain illuminated in it's last set state?

    This sounds like a property of the fixture or dimmer. If you disconnect the DMX cable from the fixture, does the fixture also remain on, in it's last set state?

    With a ColorSource 40 AV, and the dimmer left on (while hibernating) for my connected Chauvet SlimPAR Pro H, I see... The SlimPAR indicating DMX signal has gone away, and the fixture stays illuminated in it's last set state. I see this exact same fixture behavior if I disconnect the DMX cable.

  • When the DMX cable is disconnected the light goes out.

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