ColorSource 40, how do you force cues to play in numerical order?

Help... editing cues with the ColorSource 40 offline editor, cannot insert a cue in between two other cues. If I have 30 cues, and don't currently have a cue 17 but want to add one, it adds but puts it at the end of the cues instead of in between 16 and 18, so, after cue 31. I am using the offline editor but on my way to the theatre now, totally screwed if I can't fix this. How do you put cues in numerical order?

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  • Hi Seth, I closed and reopened it, and when I reopened the file it still showed out of sequence, so I left it to sit for five minutes or so and now the cues are displaying in the correct order... I am hoping this is just a bug in the offline editor with the file displaying properly and that it will be ok on the actual console. Thank you Seth and LowellOlcott.

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