Colorsource 20 not working in auditorium

im currently at a school auditorium which has an ETC Echo in-wall lighting control system. It works fine but to do our show, we are trying to plug in a Colorsource 20 and override the auditorium but when I plug the board into the DMX INPUT next to the wall box, the lights don’t work. What am I missing?! Thanks so much! 

  • Hello, 

    How this system will work depends on how it was installed and configured.  For instance, if the "in-wall" lighting control system has a touchscreen, there may be some physical cable-swap that has to happen to "unplug" that controller and allow the ColorSource console to be in control.

    If you know who installed the system, I recommend getting in touch with them.  You could also contact Technical Support who may be able to look up the auditorium's system layout (or at least equipment list) and guide you through how the system may operate.

  • I know that some house lighting systems (and maybe the Echo system has been configured this way?) will have priority control of the lights, and in order to have console control you gotta take them out on the wall panel before you can control them from the console.