Colorsource 40AV dropping video output on cues that should follow through, any advice?

I'm plotting a Panto - oh yes I am!

Lighting, projected scenery and audio files all on the Colorsource 40AV.

The scenery/projection files should play back continuously so long as the source file is recorded in the cue. However I'm finding that some (not all) are going to black on the next cue only to return in the next (despite the cue description showing that there is dmx, audio and video data present in the cue). This is also not always consistant on where it is doing it in the cue stack.

I have tried updating the cues that are dropping the visuals, to re-apply the file.


I have tried deleting the cue and then re-recording it.

Sometimes this works. Sometimes not.

Any advice (other than go back to using Q-Lab plus an lx desk) - it's driving me mad.

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