Fixture profile request: Eurolite LED KLS Scan Next FX

Hi! Could you please add a fixture profile for the Eurolite LED KLS Scan Next FX? I wasn't able to find or create a working profile for this up to 39 channels.

Thank you and greetings!

  • ColorSource console fixture profiles must be for a single emitter-type at this time.  By its nature, this fixture cannot be well-controlled by ColorSource console: it's made of many fixtures stuck together into one device.

    I think you could make a profile for the 7-channel mode okay: it is RGBW + 3 other parameters that you can just call "Derby", "Scanner", and "UV Strobe"

    For the larger number of address profiles, it gets very confusing because Intensity is shared between the Spots and the Derby - ColorSource has no good way to handle that.  You could try using several channels to address each fixture part.  For instance, channels 1-4 for the 4 spots.  But then you would have to remember to turn on the Derby+Spots Dimmer in order to actually get light out of the spots.