Sequence Scrub

A suggestion which you may have seen before.

The CS console can replay sequences on its Playback faders, where the fader controls the intensity of the sequence’s looks and the initial raising of the fader starts the sequence running.

Supposing there was a ‘scrubbing’ option where the fader controlled not the intensity but the progress of the sequence. The fader movement is divided into the number of steps in the sequence and smooth upward movement of the fader will step through the entire sequence.  Pulling back down will play the sequence in reverse and it can be frozen at will by stopping.

The principle could be applied also to the cue stack and perhaps even effects. In fact there also be some sense in being able to copy sequences to the cue stack and vice versa, and even make effects into sequences so they can be edited, all aided by the ability to scrub using a fader.