Colorsource 40 shuts down unexpectedly. Anyone else??

This has occurred randomly on 4 occasions recently: my process for setting light’s post & beam for an existing show file is to record the parameters to a playback fader and regularly Save the setting before moving on to the next light setting. On 4 occasions recently, when pressing ‘Save”, the touchscreen will open the ‘Save As’ window. The first couple of times I assumed I simply pressed the wrong button, but when I cancel that action, I now notice that in the lower left hand corner where it had previously listed the file name, the space is blank, i.e., there is apparently no file at all. At that point, the screen goes dark and all the bump buttons start flashing in a mult-colored chase for about 15-20 seconds. Then the board shuts down, restarts and returns to the original file, but without the last playback recording. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes, but I’d hate to explain 2 minutes of blackout in the middle of a show. 

I’m one of a couple operators this board for 2-3 years and to my knowledge it’s never happened before we added new lights a couple months ago. Also, it’s not an issue with the hardware: our board has been sent to ETC for repairs and we’re currently using a loaner from them that experiences the same issue.  

Any thoughts? 

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