Colorsource AV - Faders Bringing down playback from unselected page

HI all, I'm looking for some advice. Ive started a new job in January and they have a Colorsource AV in place in one venue. A playback look is set for submaster 20 on page 9 (Playback 180) that they want to be active all the time. When the page is changed and I want to use fader 20 on any other page it brings down playback 180 as well. I've used a number of desks that use a group of physical faders to control multiple layers/area's but don't think that I have ever had this issue.

Any advice on either how to fix this, or how to control the a look in such a way that it can be excluded from the physical fader controls? 

Any insight would be appreciated

  • Changing page loads the new content to the inactive playbacks.

    So when you changed the page with Playback 20 up, it kept the same content, and when you brought it out, it turned that off and then loaded the new content.

    This ensures everything that's "active" is always immediately accessible.
    - At the most, you might have to change between channel and playbacks mode when trying to find why lights are on.

    So a couple of options:

    1) Put the 'always active' look on a spare playback and don't re-use it for something else.

    2) Use one of the two Independents to 'park' the channels to the desired levels, controlled by a popup just to the right of (?).
    Independents override everything else and aren't affected by the grand master.