Deleting the Fixture Requests forum + updating docs?

Hi all,

Richard's reply to this question suggests requests should be submitted via the Fixture Library Hub, and given the lack of replies in the Fixture Requests - ColorSource Family forum I'm not sure any of those requests are actually making it into the queue despite users continuing to post there. If so, I'd suggest the admins take the following steps to avoid user confusion:

  1. Delete the Fixture Requests forum (ideally after enqueueing the existing requests) so users don't continue to post requests there
  2. Update the "Posting Tips" sidebar that shows up when creating a post in the ColorSource Console Forum; currently it says that "Issues with fixture profiles or to request new profiles should be posted in Fixture Requests - ColorSource Family."
  3. Update the "Requesting Fixture Profile for ColorSource Console" support page, which currently directs users to post fixture requests in the ColorSource Console Forum



  • Bumping this; people are still posting in the abandoned Fixture Requests forum, and I expect those requests will never make it into the system.  , could you or another admin lock or delete that forum to avoid confusion, and perhaps reply to any open posts pointing people to the Library Hub instead?